Which drug test is best for me?
April 4, 2019



For many employers drug testing is an important subject, but most people don’t care about drug testing unless if affects them.

Due to the legalization of Marijuana in several states, there is a growing number of people who are smoking it on a regular basis. As a result, one of the main concerns for authorities and employers is to detect who is using it?


¨The understanding of an onsite drug test depends on a few different aspects such as: The drug being tested, the type of test, and the cut-off levels. The more sensitive a test the lower cutoff levels they possess allowing them to detect minute amounts of the tested substance. Low levels of sensitivity will produce more false negative results¨.

Read more about it, at: What is the sensitivity of onsite drug tests? Helix Diagnostics Blog, https://www.helixdiagnostic.com/what-is-the-sensitivity-of-onsite-drug-tests/

As mentioned above, some of the drugs being tested as well as the cut-off levels can detect the stages of oxycodone as follow: A Blood Test turns up between 15 - 30 Min when the substance leaves your body within 25 Hrs. or 1 day, A Urine Test turns up between 0 - 2 Hrs. When the substance leaves your body within 50 – 96 Hrs. Or 3-4 Days, A Hair Test turns up between 5- 7 days, when the substance leaves your body within 90+days, A Saliva Swab Test turns up between 15-30 min, when the substance leaves your body within 35 – 96 Hours or 1- 4 days.


Due to this sensitive but very important practice, it is vital to select the most reliable Mouth Swab Drug Test kits and follow the best testing procedures to have the most accurate results.

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For many employers drug testing is an important subject.


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